The Anti-tip Kit prevents home & office furniture

Childproofing your home? The Hangman Products Anti-Tip Kit helps prevent furniture from falling over when properly installed. The Anti-Tip Kit is made from steel and galvanized steel aircraft cable, is easy to install and is earthquake and tamper resistant. The Hangman Anti-tip Kit has been tested for weights up to 400 pounds. It is also excellent for safely securing full length mirrors to walls. Just to make life easier the Anti-tip Kit now includes a drill bit sized so you can drill perfectly sized holes in studs and the furniture frame.

All systems include all of the hardware required for installation. Patent approved. If the furniture in question is unusually tall or wide we recommend you consider purchasing the Anti-tip Kit 2 Pack(s). Make the Anti-tip Kit part of your childproofing plan. Protect your loved ones, order the Hangman Anti-tip Kit.

The Hangman Products Anti-tip Kit is also great in the business environment. Itís an excellent way to secure file cabinets, mirrors, large cabinets, bookcases and other types of office furniture that has the potential for tipping over and causing injury. The Anti-tip Kit can also be used in warehouses and factories to secure free-standing shelving and storage cabinets. The Hangman Anti-tip Kit will help lower the potential for employee injuries that could result in downtime, costly workerís compensation cases or lawsuits. Protect your employees and your business. Order the Hangman Anti-tip Kit today

The Anti-tip Kit prevents home & office furniture from falling over
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