David Solomon Color Print Boat .Landscape Artist /signed

David Solomon Color Print Boat .Landscape Artist /signed and numbered


size :30" x 22"

excellent condition

David Solomon (1943 - ) Born in East Los Angeles, California.

"My uncle taught me how to paint signs and encouraged me to watch how the big billboards were painted. I could watch these billboard artists paint everything from new cars to high fashion. That was my first art class. In those days the future was science. I first studied engineering and geology, then architecture and design. While working at an electronics firm I decided to quit and go to Art Center, a design school in Los Angeles. After a career as a product and architectural designer I hung up my t-square & triangle. Now I focus on painting fine art and murals."

Awarded teaching credential for life in California Who's Who in American Art - 1977 Who's Who in the West - 1978 Who's Who in Technology Today - 1979 Two-time winner National Watercolor Society Collection of Smithsonian Institute Collection of National Watercolor Society Exhibitor: National Academy of Art - New York Included "Mastering Watercolor & Design" Collection American Airlines Hall of Fame Designer for Laguna Beach City Logo Exhibited 33 years at the Festival Arts - Laguna Beach, California First artist to be commissioned by Pageant of the Masters - 1980

David Solomon Color Print Boat .Landscape Artist /signed
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