Dysfunctional Plack Frame

For the first time, we're proud to announce a truly timeless combination--the artwork of Mary Engelbreit and the glass-free Colorplak permanent framing process.

The Colorplak process is truly a revolution in framing. With Colorplak, there is no fragile glass to break or annoying glare to obscure the beauty of the art. Mary's prints are dry-mounted to a high grade fiberboard base, then permanently laminated and sealed under more than 100 tons of pressure on the 1/4" wood

Because of this, artwork framed with the Colorplak process can hang for years in places where traditional framing wouldn't dare to enter. With no glass to break, Cololrplaks are safe in children's rooms. Ther're unaffected by moisture in bathrooms. Cooking grease wipes right off, so ther're ideal for kitchen. Their special vinyl surface screens out 80% of UV radiation, so they resist fading in sunlit rooms. And Colorplaks are easy to dust, too.

We offer many of Mary's best-selling illustrations, all framed in the Colorplak process. Each piece measures 6" x 8" and features an accent color as shown in the accompanying photos.can be hang on the wall or stand on table

Dysfunctional/Plack Frame
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