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Israel Art, Sara Hagay , JEWISH CLEZMERS PLAYERS CHASSIDIM JUDAICA ,Original Water Color

SIZE : 14" x 20"

frame finish size 24" x 30"

Sara Hagay is an artist from an early age (an autodidact) .Because of her magnificent achievement she was invited to teach art in various establishment.

The subject in her art reflect everything to do with the Israeli day to day life & culture. The urban landscape of the cities of Israel , Israeli natural view, local culture & more.

Her art is acquired by local & international art seekers.

Sara Hagay's studio holds a permanent exhibition.

She also act as the curator of the Ramat Gan Artist Association

Exhibitions which took place:

2004 – Current time, her important work is exhibited & sold in Tirosh Gallery

2002 – Beit Alon under the wing of the artist association

2001 the museum of Jewish art “our Ramat gan ”

1998 Sharet gallery in Petach tikva

1998 Beit alon (givatyim) commemoration the holocaust

1998 Beit alon (givatyim) : spring

1998: Beit riback museum

1998 Beit alon (givatyim) : my givatyim

1998 the bible museum: the portrayal of women in the bible

1994 the bible museum

1984-1994 took a break from exhibitions & focused in developing her art

1984 Ramat Gan museum (under the mayor’s wing)

1983 Astoria hotel under the wing of the education comity of the Knesset

1982 Diplomat hotel under the wing of the minister of education

1981 private gallery in Tel Aviv

1980 Ramat Gan museum

1971 Bney brith hall in Tel Aviv

1970 in the Z.O.A in Tel Aviv where she won a price for her technique

Style of painting:

1985 – Current time: impressionistic-figurative-naïve

1972-1985 surrealistic

1950-1972 mixed style

Israel Art,Sara Hagay, Jewish Chassidim Dncing Judica
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