Plastic Acrylic Cleaner

8 Ounce Plastic and Plexi Glass Cleaner

Highly recomended for cleaninh and polishing plexiglas and Acrylite.

Excelled for TV flat screen cleaning clean with out scratching and removing scratches.

The anti-static formula helps to repel dust.

Non toxic and non-falmmable

No strong odors or vapors.

One, 8 ounce pump spray bottle with attached sprayer and overcap.

Clean & Polish: Use on:


•Acrylite •Chrome

•Glass •Granite

•Lacquer •Lexan® •Lucite®

•Mirrors •Plexiglas® •Stainless

•Titanium •Airplanes

•Appliances •Aquariums •Art & Framing •Automobiles

•Motorcycles •Musical Instruments •Photocopiers •Recreational Vehicles

•Retail Displays •Scanners •Watercraft

Plastic Plexi Glass Cleaner
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